One Portrait One Arabic 《一臉一詞》



In summer 2018, Apple Wong Hiu Fung had her artist in residence in Cairo, Egypt for a month. The daily communication barrier she experienced inspire her to launch an art project called “One Portrait One Arabic”. Apple expressed what she learned and heard throughout the project via her paintings and writings, and published a book titled  “One Portrait One Arabic”. In the hope that readers can learn Egyptian Arabic vocabulary in an easy way and perceive Egypt from a different perspective.

2018年盛夏,黃曉楓透過藝術家駐留計劃,於埃及開羅逗留創作一個多月。期間,日常生活中的言語不通引發她進行了一個名為「One Portrait One Arabic」的藝術計劃。 計劃當中,她於開羅不同場合免費為埃及人畫人像畫,而對方必須以一個跟自身經歷相關的阿拉伯詞語作回報。黃曉楓將她的所學所聞,以圖畫和廣東話記錄成書,名為《一臉一詞 One Portrait One Arabic》,希望以輕鬆手法讓讀者學習埃及阿拉伯語之餘,亦可以用另一角了解埃及這個國家。

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Sing To You 《為你歌唱》

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Sing To You is a collection that inspired by lyrics and poem.


Summer of Freedom《自由之夏》



Summer of Freedom is a poetry written by Hong Kong poet She Kwan and Wong Hiu Fung created collage illustrations for the poems. The book was published by Art and Culture Outreach in the autumn of 2017. 


Mountain of Misty Rain 《一山煙雨》



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